After much encouragement from clients, family and friends, I developed a line of retro-modern textiles, and shortly after, Swizzlestix was born. My collection – which included tea towels, placemats, pillows and coasters – sold at boutiques, markets, museums and galleries across the country, as well as overseas.
A few years later I added aprons, tote bags, zipper pouches and holiday stockings to the mix, all of which were created from my existing products. Tea towels were used to make aprons, pillows were used to create tote bags and zipper pouches, and the placemats were used to create holiday stockings.
As much as I loved creating my collection, I did not like having inventory, so I stopped doing print runs and trade shows and opened an Etsy shop, so I could focus on art licensing instead.
I was always thrilled when my products got featured in magazines, books, and online. 
And last but not least, here are a few online features: